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Blue Light Bandits is an independent groove rock band from Worcester, MA and was recently voted Worcester's "Best Live Act" at the 2018 Worcester Music Awards. BLB released their debut self-titled LP in October of 2017 and hit the NACC 200 national college radio charts. "It’s a smooth piece of work, rife with some spectacular guitar work and a low-key sort of funk" - T&G.

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Latest Release: Blue Light Bandits LP

October 27, 2017 through The Orchard

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OTHER Local Shows

-- mostly as a cover band featuring 90's R&B and hip hop throwbacks plus pop, rock, reggae, funk, & blues --

1/27  Michael's Cigar Bar // Worcester, MA // 9pm - 12am [21+] Duo Loop Show

2/16 Medusa Brewing // Hudson, Ma // 7pm -10pm [21+] Duo Loop Show

2/17  Michael's Cigar Bar // Worcester, MA // 9pm - 12am [21+] Duo Loop Show

2/24 Lucky's Lounge // Boston, Ma // 8pm - 11pm [21+] Duo Loop Show

3/2 Medusa Brewing // Hudson, Ma // 4:00pm [21+] Opening for Organically Good Trio




Blue Light Bandits perform at Cove Music Hall

Blue Light Bandits just recently won a Worcester Music Award for “Best Live Act,” and (perhaps ironically) listening to their eponymous 2017 album makes it clear why: The band is a great mix of indie rock and R&B soulfulness, creating a sound that’s both smooth and playful. Songs such as “Mess You Make,” “Back in Town” “A Little Love” and “Sea & The Moon” simmer with feeling. Indeed, the entire album reverberates with a sort of ineffable honesty, and it’s terribly engaging.

The Telegram & Gazette

‘I’d love to see that magic raw’

The Blue Light Bandits (also local — they’re from Worcester) are similarly powerful. The instrumental bits in their pieces are friendly, like city lights; the vocals, often chorus-like, always rise up at the perfect moment. The members of Blue Light Bandits are stellar lyricists;  I was pleasantly surprised at the intricacies of their tracks. Their song “Homegrown / ‘Til The Day I Die,” for example, is less about the personality of a town than the character of a person, and contains satisfyingly rhythmic observations on humanity, like the lines “Nobody wants to die / but everybody’s gotta go.

- The Tech

Blue Light Bandits set for Feb. 3 at Wachusett Brewing Co.

Blue Light Bandits’ eponymous album released last October goes down easy. It’s a smooth piece of work, rife with some spectacular guitar work and a low-key sort of funk. Songs such as “Call of the Sirens,” “Mess You Make” and “Back in Town” have a gentle melodic quality that buoy the album’s clear, pop-ready vocals. All told, it’s a pleasant, expertly crafted album that shows off just what the band is capable of accomplishing.

The Telegram & Gazette


There is a real treat coming out of Worcester, and it can be heard on the Blue Light Bandits’ self-titled debut album. The 10-song effort is something of a rarity these days: an LP that has barely any filler and begs to be listened to over and over again. It’s a perfect start for a promising young band...

Pulse Magazine

Who are The Blue Light Bandits?

How did you go about deciding what kind of music you’d put out? We have always combined what we know and love with what feels fresh and funky...

-Concert Crap

Performance Review: Blue Light Bandits

As I ate my delicious raspberry toast, I heard the duo perform equally delicious covers, and a few impressive originals. The band was clearly versatile and incredibly skilled...

- The Typewriter

Only thing they'll steal is the show

The Blue Light Bandits, a pop, rock and jazzy R&B band deemed Best Up & Coming Act at the 2016 Worcester Music Awards...

- The Sentinel & Enterprise


Based out of Douglas, Blue Light Bandits is a young band on the verge of breaking big. They are arguably unmatched in momentum right now in the New England music scene....

Pulse Magazine

All green lights so far for R.I. band Blue Light Bandits

Winner of R.I.’s Last Band Standing competition is nominee for Best New Act at Saturday’s New England Music Awards...

- Providence Journal