Blue Light Bandits


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BLB wins "Best Up & Coming Act" at the 2016 Worcester Music Awards! 

Latest Music Release

Blue Light Bandits’ dual-song release of A Little Love / Mess You Make Me follows a complimentary recording session at Q Division Studiosin Somerville, MA courtesy of Converse RubberTracks. Side A’s “A Little Love” is a dynamic, feel-good pop/rock record with a dash of reggae and a sucker punch of blues. Side B’s “Mess You Make Me” shifts throughout between groovy and reflective, contrasting side A with a deeper atmosphere and more personal lyricism. The pair released on February 26, 2016.

Watch BLB's brand new music video for Mess You Make Me

Get the inside scoop on the video and go behind the scenes with an interview by When The Horn Blows <--- click here! 

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